Trump & 2016 – Where I Stand Today

Having just written a piece asking Megyn Kelly to either explain herself or apologize to both Donald Trump and Fox News’ viewers, I need to do a follow-up to clarify and document my own views on Trump at this point.

Why? Primarily because I don’t think there was as much partisanship between tea partiers and Obama, as there is within the GOP right now between Trump supporters and detractors.

So here’s where I stood, and stand…

There was a time when I was very much ‘pro-Trump’ but this was in part because I had hoped to, for the first time in my life, leave the world of outside, b2b sales and start doing what I love most: Crafting and communicating compelling messaging in pursuit of spreading liberty far and wide. His campaign was (and clearly still is) entirely unconventional, and since the rest of the political world is 100% inbred — I saw an opportunity to show off my chops and perhaps realize a dream. I’ve since learned that there are literally zero actual messaging, communications or even rapid response strategic personnel in Trump’s HQ campaign organization, and have thus abandoned that hope. (Also of note: It was within a day or two after abandoning that hope, that I started this blog.)

However, my appreciation for Trump and — more importantly/pronounced today — my appreciation for his participation in the dialogue very much stands firm. And yes for a while, he was among my front-runners amid the many, many we have to choose from. However, that is no longer the case. (This evolution was not because of his most ferocious attackers in amplified conservative media, but rather despite them.)

Today I’m a Cruz, Carson or Fiorina person…with Carly hanging on by a thread because she recently lied about Carson and in doing so gave me an awful flash of her landing in DC and being content to leave well enough alone and effectively ‘play ball.’ But that’s a story for another post. Bottom line: I’m still very appreciative for Trump’s voice in the conversation while the same can’t be said for Jeb Bush or John Kasich. I am not, however, a Trump “diehard” and for those who are on Twitter and 100% Trump-averse, you can freely qualify as much by way of the results result you see in this search string.

Note: The “Featured image” for this post, because I couldn’t think of a good one, is just my two wonderful bulldogs. Edna, on the left, is a certified therapy dog (visits patients and hospital staff to cheer them up) and sadly at 9 years old we are seeing her health deteriorate. Agnes, on the right, is 2 years old and quite the opposite of Edna…just plain “certifiable.”


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