Racism, Disparity & Politics – Part II

If you’ve not yet please read Racism, Disparity & Politics – Part I as it’s intended to precede this post. 

There is no greater driver of disparity — be it education, income or crime — than broken homes. And Americans who happen to be black and suffer disproportionate disparity, also disproportionately experience life amid broken homes.

This is not a coincidence.

In the below two images, notice that income inequities align with almost perfect proportion to broken homes…



(I grabbed the first image off of Wikipedia’s “Racial Inequality” page, and guess what they don’t list as a driver of racial inequality? If you said “broken homes,” you’d be right — because as much as the left claim to be the “party of math and science”…that’s one piece of empirical, statistically-proven data they aggressively reject. The second image was taken from Kids Count Data Center.)

And in case you neglected to read my earlier post on education that I linked to in “Part I” of this post, below is just one of several critical points with respect to the left’s aggressive denial that “broken homes” merit focus…

The Obama-era and thus greatly politicized CDC has also done their part, having recently unleashed a “study” on “Fathers’ Involvement With Their Children.” The work commissioned by the CDC analyzes how “involved” fathers are with their children, and because fathers’ “involvement” is deemed to be far more equitably manifest among all races — the CDC report is used aggressively by the left in social and other media to combat the “myth” that broken homes create disparity or destruction.

Effectively, using pseudo-science provided to them by the US government, SJWs (“social justice warriors”) find support for their claim that the absence of committed, lead-by-example 2 parent homes is not a net negative…and thus only “RACISM!” can explain the disproportionate disparities. And again, this a) exacerbates the problem of disparity by ignoring it’s root cause while b) increasing division in the US by misappropriating the blame and assigning it instead to allegedly ubiquitous racism.

So what do we do now?

Well…the GOP has led every meaningful civil rights movement in our nation’s history and with disparity and division rampantly creating destruction all across our nation, it’s time we step up and lead another albeit culturally and socially more so than expressly legislatively. Below are some keys to how I believe we need to lead in order to do that…


  • Expressly reject voter racial and ethnic segregation. Stop appealing to “black voters” or “Hispanic voters” or “white voters.” And tell the electorate out loud that you will not be engaging in that divisive, ultimately bigoted practice. Note that while Democrats celebrate it, the GOP has tolerated it, and it’s time for both to evolve. You aspire to connect with and ultimately unite Americans as individuals and will not rob their individual liberty by relegating them to assigned groups.
  • Tell the truth about broken homes and stop pandering to single mothers out of your lazy fear that you may “alienate voters” today — because you do so at the expense of less aggrieved, more liberty-rich, more productive and happier children, individuals, moms and families tomorrow. Yes, single moms have very difficult jobs. But it’s for that reason along with mitigating disparity that we aspire to a future with fewer of them. Furthermore, there isn’t one single mom out there who hopes her own daughter also grows up to be a single mom, and we stand with them in that hope. Finally and most courageously, the reality: Some single moms landed as such through tragedy, but the vast majority made bad decisions involving worse men. We need to mitigate those bad decisions and refusing to point them out is a guaranteed way never to do so.
  • Call out the Democrats for their bigotry. It’s not okay that in plain sight they say it’s “RACIST!” to ask for ID because the person you ask might be black, and black people ought not be expected to get and keep an ID. (And there are repulsive, debilitating shades of “Don’t let them learn to read!” all over that one.)
  • Call out the Democrats for their bigotry toward Hispanics and Latinos as any who aren’t advocating for open borders are effectively saying that Hispanics and Latinos lack the intellect and/or integrity to obey US immigration law, and therefore need a pass.
  • Call out the Democrats for their celebration of segregation today, both implicitly as they relegate otherwise powerful individuals in to assigned groups where they’re robbed of their liberty and encouraged to assume perpetual grievance … and also explicitly as they assert “Whiteness” and/or “White Privilege” — not broken homes, mind you — as the root of disparity while they promote self-segregation as some warped moral good for some backwards brand of “justice.”


  • Stop denying that bigotry and/or racism exist in the US. It does, and expressly so. Only contrary to the horrific chides of “RACIST!” we equality and liberty-minded patriots on the right have endured for far too long, that racism and bigotry to include segregationist tendencies stems from often well-intended but still wildly wrong Democrats and leftists. So first, recognize, embrace and internalize that reality. And then, when engaging in debate related to race and disparity in America, concede that racism and bigotry are alive and well in the US — but challenge those you’re engaged with to reassess who is asserting that racism and bigotry.
  • Stay mindful of the unfortunate truism, “If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes true.” Those who seek to divide and destroy America so that they can rebuild it with exponentially less liberty and exponentially more government control, would like nothing more than for their lies about us to become true. They’re teaching people of color to proudly embrace racial and ethnic supremacy, while telling them white people and American patriots are the cause of all their problems. At the same time, they batter us in to frothing-at-the-mouth ferocity with their empty but still destructive and constant chides of “RACIST!” Do not let it become reality. You’ll encounter plenty of “Black pride!” and “Hispanics first!” narratives among the left’s base you engage with, and while you should absolutely call that bigotry out…never forget that their anti-liberty, anti-equality, pro-segregationist tendencies are very much learned as instructed by historically-consistent Democrats and an institutional left who will likely never let go of their inherent desire to control everyone.

We can effect real change that will net a more united tomorrow wherein our nation is afforded the meaningful contribution of all of our citizens to include liberty and justice for all…but not if we don’t get our heads and arms around the thinking laid out in this post.

Oh, and for any leftists who are reading this, just a quick FYI: You can shout “Southern Strategy!” all you want — but it doesn’t change the realities I’ve laid out here and in Part I. You’re an individual long before you’re part of any group, and if you’ve not yet explored the world to include opportunities and relationships with that in mind — I implore you to give it a shot. You may find that, appropriately, it’s “Liberating.”


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