Racism, Disparity & Politics – Part I

“Barack Obama is a typical black person.”

If the above quote strikes you as unacceptable, that’s a good thing because it should.

It’s unfair, debilitating and bigoted to cite race or ethnicity as characteristic of a person’s qualities.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew this, and thus aspired to an America where people would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of character.

Sadly however, that pursuit remains elusive for many in our nation.

And I count President Obama among them, evidenced in part by him having derided his grandmother as a “typical white person.”

Was he punished for this? Was he branded by the institutional left 24×7 as a scourge on society? Of course not. He was elected President Of The United States.

But President Obama’s unfortunate assertion that there are “typical white people” and he knows exactly who and what they are, is anything but lonely among his peer leadership in the Democrat party…

  • Joe Biden was most impressed with Obama because he is an “African American who is articulate and bright and clean and nice.”
  • Harry Reid at one point celebrated Obama for having “no negro dialect, unless he wanted one.”
  • Barbara Boxer nearly pulled a muscle when she learned, apparently for the first time in her life, that not all black people think alike.
  • And then there’s so many in the Democrat base, whose pronounced bigotry can be witnessed in real time on Twitter while they attack Ben Carson as being an “Uncle Tom” or not a “real black” person.
  • And let’s not forget that the word “white” with respect to skin color has now become a pejorative which you can also watch play out in real time on Twitter. Or MSNBC, any time of day, all day.

So what are we to conclude from all of this?

Well, naturally, as instructed by the Democrats and institutional left…

Democrats Republicans are RACIST!!!!!1!”

Or, increasingly, “AMERICA IS RACIST!” (Truth be told, I can’t argue with that more general statement and will explain why throughout these posts.)

Certainly there are “White Power” racists that still exist, but these individuals have justly been marginalized and exist only on the very fringes of society where they still endure the utmost scorn from virtually everyone else in America. Still, our nation was dealt a tragic reminder of their existence when 9 black people were gunned down in a South Carolina church just a few months ago. Less explored in that story however, was the shooter’s explanation for why he felt he had to act

We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.

So what we really have here is a part-time domestic terrorist and full-time psychopath who looked all over for racists like him who were ready to commit violence, but he could not find any. Thus he was compelled to ‘go it alone’…and that is evidence of similar racism and hate all across our nation?

To hear the media and Democrats tell the story, “Yes. Yes of course it is.”

Well no, no of course it’s not.

It’s an outlier. A horrifically unfortunate and unacceptable one, but an outlier all the same.

And with a commitment to intellectual honesty which I aspire to above all else — so too are are the more anecdotal examples listed so far throughout this post. We can’t take single examples of bigotry leveled by any individual or even group of individuals (unless of course their stated mission is one of bigotry and/or racism) and apply it broadly to an entire people or nation.

But I’ve written several other posts that touch on some important aspects of the racism and bigotry that does exist both implicitly and explicitly in The United States, and virtually all of it is extended by historically-consistent Democrats.

The tough reality I implore all conservatives who are committed to equality, unity and liberty to consider…

Democrats were the party of slavery in 1863.

They were the party of segregation in 1964.

And in 2015 they remain the party of segregation and [metaphorically at a minimum] slavery, only today they package it as “empathy” or “social justice” and assert it — often with the best intentions however wildly wrong, particularly in the grassroots — as a moral good.

Check out this piece I wrote regarding Education in America.

And this one challenging the Black Lives Matter movement.

And this one on those who push for amnesty.

And of course this one promoting The National Association For The Advancement Of Personal Character, or NAAPC.

In each of the above links, you’ll read about the many ways leftist policy and messaging in 2015 absolutely incites division, disparity and ultimately destruction throughout the US.

So how do we combat the historically-consistent Democrat party and left’s often plain-sight and always destructive bigotry? Check out Racism, Politics & Disparity – Part II for some additional thoughts on that. What I’m addressing is not for political expedience. That it would be politically expedient for the often-undeserving establishment Republican party is a byproduct. Too many Americans are suffering contrived and far-reaching disparity in tandem with inter-generational destruction of their lives, liberty and families…and that is not okay. If we don’t address it aggressively and now, if we don’t prove Eric Holder wrong in his assertion that we’re a nation of “cowards” on race-related matters — then there’s a chance no one ever will and the USA as a whole will continue to fracture and be destroyed as a result. So again, check out the follow-up piece to this one by clicking here for “What to do next.”

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