Atwitter For Saint Obama!

With Pope Francis in town, the social media world appears to be all atwitter (real word, lest you forgot with the onset of Twitter) over Obama’s Christian faith…or lack thereof.

I made my case on that subject in a past post and the most relevant portion is captured, below…

With regard to religion, I’d bet 25% or more of all legislators who say they’re “Christian” are actually agnostic if not atheist. And if I had to come up with a definitive answer for President Obama, I’d probably put him in one of those camps but with an affection for Islam coupled with a disdain for Christianity.

Why? Because when he talks about Islam he speaks personally and glowingly, and when he talks about Christianity he speaks academically and critically. What’s more, I believe Obama’s ultimate religion is redistribution — and that he sees Christianity as a wealthy religion that therefore loses immediate ground to the religion of Islam which he sees as a poor one. That’s me being intellectually honest, based on what I’ve seen.

And I made the case a few more times using a lot fewer words on Twitter, including this response to Peabody Award-Winning International Film & Television Star, and also thoughtful and hilarious political activist of the right-leaning persuasion, Nick Searcy


But here’s something I entirely forgot and I think a lot of other people might have also…

You may or may not recall that at President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, the swearing-in was flubbed and so President-Elect Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts later re-did the swearing-in at the White House.

Below is a picture from that official swearing-in…


Notice anything missing?

Of course no one seemed to care much because I think for most among the institutional left it’s not only a foregone conclusion that Obama’s “Christian faith” is likely for show only — but it’s a quietly celebrated one.

The fact still remains for those who do care and are having this conversation right now…

Barack Obama opted not to use a Bible for his official swearing-in in January 2009.

For people of faith, placing one’s hand on the Bible and making a promise is very sacred. It’s not for show. It’s not pomp. It actually means something very deep, rich and personal.

So as long as we’re talking about Obama’s faith — it also bears noting that Obama simply didn’t care enough about what that Bible means to be bothered with one when it actually mattered.

And since for his 2nd term inauguration he opted to use two Bibles, my belief that Obama’s Christian faith is far more for show and political expedience than it is in any way sincere is only reinforced. However, as also noted throughout my posts, I also don’t think that should preclude him or anyone else from the Presidency.

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