Controversy Of The Day; Carson & Muslim Presidents

I cringed when I heard Carson discuss this on Meet The Press, primarily because I argue staunchly against using the government to force morality — and as such don’t think religion should preclude the Presidency. (Mind you, I am a lifelong and practicing Christian.)

Still, to hear the left yet again go in to convulsions with some — including CAIR, yet another in a long line of modern supremacy & segregationist groups packaged smartly in “social justice” — calling for Carson to drop out, is of course predictable but still no less infuriating.

For the last several days…years, actually…these leftists and in some cases Republicans (Hi, Jeb!) have been desperately pleading on Obama’s behalf “He is not a Muslim!”

In doing so, they implicitly assert that something is wrong with being a Muslim, effectively lighting sparks around what could very well become a raging fire of anti-Islamic sentiment in the US. (And there’s nothing the most vocal Muslim activists would like more because they, like the left’s other segregated groups, desperately hope to live as perpetual victims rather than compete on the level playing field that currently exists.)

Do I want/need the regressive “He’s not a Muslim” Obama defenders to do as the Seinfeld group did when discussing gay people, and qualify each denial with “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”…?


But this all just serves to highlight why none of this has any place in our political dialogue. And, more importantly, how the often well-intended but still wildly wrong institutional left — in their efforts to social engineer and effect contrived diversity (as opposed to organic diversity) — yet again create more destruction than they mitigate.

It’s understandable that many believe Barack Obama is a Muslim. As noted in a piece I wrote called “Is Obama An America-Loving Muslim?“…


Still, it’s unfortunate that Carson finds himself at the center of what’s really another manufactured crisis of national conscience that’s desperately pushed for and prodded by the institutional left. It’s not at all unlike the story of Ahmed Mohamed, who is either a) the only 14 year old on the planet who’s smart enough to build a clock but too stupid to know it looks more like a bomb — or b) just a big fan of bomb hoaxes and the attention he knew he’d get from the fawning left who wait with bated breath for opportunities to point out “RACISM!” where none actually exists. (Breitbart’s John Nolte wrote an exceptionally well-organized and researched piece on the Ahmed pseudo controversy, which you can read by clicking here.)

Ben Carson may personally hold animosity toward the Muslim community, and he should be forgiven if he does as I’ll qualify shortly. I personally don’t, but I have no problem admitting that in 2015 I resist that animosity deliberately rather than organically. When the Muslim community and segregationist left’s most amplified voices appear far more worried about and offended by non-Muslims drawing Mohammad than they are the murderers and rapists all over our planet who exploit Islam to justify their actions — it will give it a lot of non-Muslims a great deal of pause. Add to this the reality that so many of their most effective terrorists assimilated quite well in to our communities, and yes…many Americans understandably and without apology suspect Muslims more so than other religious peoples when it comes to committing acts of terror.

It’s not bigotry. It’s statistical, evidence-based math and science.

Are you a Muslim who doesn’t believe in committing genocide against all “non-believers?” Well then terrific, you’re among the vast majority of your Muslim brothers and sisters who are mainstream — and, candidly as based on my own friendships with many Muslims, often as watered-down in their faith as so many Christians and Jews are. But the more you echo or even permit the “Muslims need perpetual pity!” narrative asserted by your most vocal activists and the institutional left, the farther other non-Muslims will be from trusting you’re not among “the bad guys.”

There is no greater impediment to real progress in 2015 America than intellectual dishonesty, and those who deny the above realities — deny the intellectual honesty we need if we’re to continue evolving socially and politically.

But I lament that any of this is part of the political dialogue, and I lay it all — from it’s inclusion in the dialogue, to the increasing divide in the US between Muslims and non-Muslims, to the discriminate suspicion many Americans do have with regard to Muslims — squarely at the feet, yet again, of those on the left who purport to combat each.

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