Amnesty & Sympathy Bigots

The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are not bad people. They were seduced to the US by historically-consistent, bigoted Democrats in a benefits-for-loyalty scheme.

Today, we have many Republicans — like Jeb Bush and his number one fan Ana Navarro — joining the Democrats who gleefully relegate these otherwise powerful individuals in to assigned groups wherein they’re to assume liberty-crushing, perpetual grievance.

The solution for that grievance, per Hillary, Jeb, Ana etc…?

Heaping pity on these segregated-by-ethnicity individuals by lowering the bar and granting them passes that no one else gets.

None of this is okay, and too few on the side of equality, law and liberty are noting as much in plain, intellectually honest terms.

I’ll often note that the left — to include more recently desperately flailing Republicans who rather than rejecting voter racial/ethnic segregation instead embrace it — are, despite being wildly wrong, often still very much “well-intended.”

And that in many ways remains the case here, particularly in the grassroots.

But just as we ought not introduce illegal immigrants in to our nation among the lowered bars of amnesty, I’m growing less interested in affording the sympathy bigots who suggest we should the latitude of their “good intentions.”

Hispanics and Latinos are, as asserted by our Founders, like everyone else created equal.

That Democrats seduced them here with lax immigration and benefits policies, while Republicans stood idly by allowing cheap employment for their crony friends in the business community — must not be forgotten or forgiven, let alone rewarded with giving these bigoted and corrupt politicians what they want most.

Moreover, nor should Hispanics and Latinos be dealt the liberty-crushing blow that embeds in them a sense of lawlessness and entitlement; that what applies to everyone else, does not apply to them.

The GOP has led every meaningful civil rights push in our nation’s history and it’s thus shameful that virtually all of our amplified voices on the right — from the politicians, to the media, to the strategists and advisers — fail to note this reality…

No matter how they may mince the rhetoric or attach their morality imposing beliefs to it, granting any “pathway” or amnesty to the overwhelmingly Hispanic and Latino illegal immigrant population is nothing short of bigotry as it implies that these individuals inherently lack the intellect and/or integrity to have obeyed our immigration laws.

Hillary and the Democrats do it consistent with their long-standing practice of segregating individuals in to assigned groups, dreaming up grievances that follow them as members of that group, and then insisting that only votes for Democrats will free them of the entirely manufactured grievances.

Jeb and Republican “strategists” like Ana Navarro do it because they’re a) not nearly committed enough to liberty to actual identify it’s destruction, b) not nearly committed enough to equality to see when bigotry is being leveled, c) not nearly smart enough to understand there’s a more effective ‘strategy’ to winning elections & more importantly the national conversation and thus d) are operating entirely out of political fear that they repress and instead label as “morality.”

Still regardless of what their motives are, none are arguing that US borders are or should be open and thus the only other logical implication in letting those who came here illegally stay is that those individuals lack the capacity to obey US immigration law. As these individuals are overwhelmingly segregated by ethnicity, that implication is a bigoted one — implicitly designated based on ethnicity — and that is not okay.

Enough is enough. I’ve noted over and over and over that there is real racism and bigotry still alive and well in the US and for that reason, we on the right must resist the Democrats’ example and instead be very careful when leveling that charge. This — the express pursuit for lowered bars set with near-exclusivity for the Hispanics and Latinos who themselves are robbed of liberty and will struggle to truly assimilate for generations if ever as a result — is one example of that very real bigotry. And we on the right have to start calling that out, with the hope that our more amplified voices will hear us and follow suit.


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