America’s Schools Aren’t Failing; America’s Parents Are

Well-intended or not, the ends-justify-the-means Democrat party and institutional left have made a ‘best practice’ out of misappropriating blame to advance their narratives and agendas. This practice enables their penchant to “never let a good crisis go to waste,” while guaranteeing in perpetuity the existence of whatever problem they’re allegedly trying to solve. They do it with the greatest efficacy and terrifying precision when it comes to racism, division and identity-based disparity and destruction more generally. But they also do it [misappropriate blame, thereby making problems worse, thereby further enriching and empowering themselves] in other areas — such as education.

In the case of education in America, they do it by claiming that our schools are failing and that only “investment” can fix the problem.

Let me share the very honest, universal reality…

  • Education starts and ends at home.
  • School is just the middle man.
  • Thus and sadly, kids who fail more often than not have parents failing them.

Having worked in the technology community for my entire career, I’ve personally seen thousands of young adults come from 3rd world countries and earn six figure salaries within their first few years of employment. I’ve also gotten to know many of these individuals at very personal levels, and learned of the many sacrifices their parents and extended families made so that they could have the legal opportunity they do today in the United States.

So how did these kids who grew up in 3rd worlds manage to succeed with rocks for desks and bridges for chalkboards, while so many kids in the US so wildly fail…?

They grew up in committed, 2 parents families where seriousness with respect to education was a demand and failure was not an option.

In other words, Love Breeds Accountability.

Ask a liberal the following…

If your kids were in the worst school in America, would you accept failing grades?

While they’re busy struggling uncomfortably to craft an answer that will sustain their “More investment!” narrative, forge ahead…

No? Then stop looking across our nation and deeming everyone else as incapable of setting the same standards for their kids that you do for your own.

I’ve noted it before and it bears repeating here: What many leftists mistake for “empathy” is actually a bigoted sympathy that dismisses as hopeless all whose experiences are diverse from their own. And that bigoted sympathy, again — however well-intended — serves only to create greater division, disparity and destruction.

Then-President Obama took great pride in his “My Brothers’ Keeper” initiative,. which he believes in personally and lives by every day. (Unless — y’know — it’s his Uncle Omar. Or his Aunt Zeituni. Or his brother, George.)

At virtually every turn the Obama-era left works diligently to dismiss the importance of family, and the “My Brothers’ Keeper” initiative is an example of that effort.

Consider the unfortunate but very simple, three-part logic…

  • Broken homes net disparity
  • Disparity nets government dependence
  • Government dependence nets Democrat voters

It thus surprises almost no one that the institutional left celebrates broken homes while Democrats pat themselves on the back for rewarding them. So while “My Brothers’ Keeper” certainly sounds nice — it ignores the real problem by completely dismissing that which merits far more focus: “My Child’s Parent.”

But elected, ends-justify-the-means Democrats don’t really want to solve that problem, because it will mitigate disparity and actively diminish their base in the process. We need our amplified voices — from politicians, to their often-inbred “strategists & advisers,” to conservative media and non-profits — to find the courage and/or perspective to start saying this out loud.

Consider Hillary Clinton’s famously having suggested that “It takes a village to raise a child.” Again, within this assertion the importance of the individual family unit is bested by the importance of the “community” that she contends is truly responsible for raising that child. One could correct Hillary in this way…

It takes a village to inspire good parents. Those parents then raise children.

Today, our “village” aggressively inspires bad parents by celebrating, rewarding and making excuses for them.

The Obama-era and thus greatly politicized CDC also did their part, having recently unleashed a “study” on Fathers’ Involvement With Their Children. The work commissioned by the CDC analyzes how “involved” fathers are with their children, and because fathers’ “involvement” is deemed to be far more equitably manifest among all races — the CDC report is used aggressively by the left in social and other media to combat the “myth” that broken homes create disparity or destruction. This, of course, ignores entirely that “involvement” and committed, lead-by-example 2 parent families are two very different things.

Yes, the self-proclaimed party of math and science not only ignore the empirical evidence with regard to disparity induced by broken homes, but they aggressively rail against it. The liberal power-brokers do this because they actually thrive off of that which they purport to combat. And kids failing in school is a win/win for them: It means more money for the unions now, and more voters for their rolls later. Those at the grassroots level do it because they’re guided by bigoted sympathy and truly believe they’re “helping” all those poor unfortunate souls who can’t possibly be expected to survive amid circumstances that are in any way diverse from what they personally experienced.

Abortion advocacy serves to further dilute the importance of family, as procreation and pregnancy are both treated increasingly casually rather than with the gravity both merit. There was a time when getting pregnant and starting a family was sacred. That time, for too many, has long since passed and/or never even existed.

America’s schools are just fine. In fact, they’re better than fine. America’s parents on the other hand are incredibly irresponsible — and that irresponsibility is rewarded as long as they swear their allegiance to the Democrats who consistently steal their liberty in exchange for promises that all of life’s hardships and all of their failures are clearly someone else’s fault.

That’s what we need to change.

America’s schools aren’t failing. America’s parents are failing. And the sooner our amplified voices find the courage and/or intellectual curiosity to say this out loud, the sooner we can start to stem that tide for future generations of individuals, families and our nation in general.

We need not and ought not reference “bootstraps” or even “personal responsibility.” Winning here means winning culturally, and that starts with challenging elected Democrats and their grassroots activists who deny science related to disparity and broken homes. I’ve waged this battle for years, and few and far between are the committed leftists who will concede that “2 are generally better than 1″ when it comes to parenting. (Go find a liberal, try it, and see for yourself.) If the recreationally-engaged electorate sees and hears this denial, then they will begin nodding along with us in agreement…and that’s how national conversations begin to change.


  1. I agree with you 100 % about the 2 parents are better than 1. However the progressive leftists have pushed the Communist Core agenda which is a Marxists indoctrination of our children. We have 5 kids from 41 to 16 and the revisionists view of history they push is not just un-American but downright criminal. The agenda being pushed on our children right now makes problems for even the most involved parents. As parents we are fighting for the souls of our children.


  2. Very well stated. What is sad and disheartening is that I doubt you could find very many Progressive liberals that would agree to the basic premise of your blog.


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