Carly Fiorina’s Unresponsive Team

As noted many times already here at LoveBreedsAccountability, one of the primary reasons I started this blog is because I believe conservatisms’ most amplified voices — be they politicians, media and/or strategists or other insiders — are failing us badly. Most come to do good, stay to do well and ultimately end up doing very little other than preaching to an already faithful choir.

How many elections must we “win” while still losing the national conversation so badly that our mandate never extends beyond a few empty, inevitably unkept promises — before we get this?

I believe I have ideas to communicate our message in uncharted ways that would sustain a united right, attract disaffected and/or highly recruitable Democrats, disarm the biased media and put our opposition so deeply on defense that they’re forced to repackage their entire platform.

Having spent years crafting these ideas and trying to get our most amplified voices to engage with or at least acknowledge that they heard me, virtually none would — and I became very frustrated at what I perceive to be their “insiders-only” apathy and elitism. And so I started this blog to assert my ideas in a more formal way that might get more visibility. (And for any reading who might say, “Well if your ideas are so good, shouldn’t they have caught on already?”…I addressed that in this post and invite you to check it out.)

After years of trying unsuccessfully to get any meaningful engagement from the most amplified voices and players among the conservative movement, I came to an unfortunate conclusion: Behind every politician who is more interested in keeping his/her job than actually doing it well, is a team of “strategists and advisers” who are equally apathetic and afraid. And the same is true for our media and other insiders. Barring a very small sliver, the entire professional class consists of various cliques who are far more interested in elevating themselves and each other than they are in spreading Liberty far and wide. And I believe they, more so than Democrats or a biased media, are ultimately our movement’s greatest enemy.

But today I write noting that it’s not just grassroots people like me who these cliques aggressively dismiss. After all, I’m offering very strategic and uncharted, potentially landscape-shifting ideas and talking/thinking points. So I respect and understand that many of those I reach out to just don’t have the time to slow down and consider the weighty ideas (that are often 180 degrees from where their messaging operations are now) which I put forth, no matter how universally effective it might be if they did. But after being ignored several weeks ago by Carly Fiorina’s campaign team who I had hoped to offer some ideas to, I decided to see who else they ignore. Using the greatest tool for engagement a campaign could ask for in 2015 (social media, specifically Twitter), I unfortunately didn’t have to look far as every tweet below appears to have been entirely ignored by Fiorina’s team.

Frank Sadlerva is Carly’s Campaign Manager. His Twitter handle is @fsadlerva…






Sarah Isgur Flores is Carly’s Deputy Campaign Manager. Her Twitter handle is @whignewtons…






Anna Epstein is Carly’s Press Secretary. Her Twitter handle is @annadepstein…





Brandon Howell is Carly’s Social Media/War Room Director. His Twitter handle is @BrandonDHowell…



Candidates will insist almost desperately, “I want to hear from the people!” So it’s unfortunate that when those people reach out directly to their teams offering to help, they appear to be uniformly ignored.

I used the following search string to find the above tweets: to:brandondhowell OR to:whignewtons OR to:fsadlerva OR to:annadepstein doors OR stickers OR volunteer OR help OR yard OR signs OR “how can i”

I updated that and included a “Since” field that Brandon Howell (Social Media Director) can update daily to make sure they don’t miss anyone. And if he’s too busy, this is something he can assign to someone else on the team: since:2015-09-19 to:brandondhowell OR to:whignewtons OR to:fsadlerva OR to:annadepstein doors OR stickers OR volunteer OR help OR yard OR signs OR “how can i”

And I shared that search string with Brandon on Twitter moments ago.


I told the Fiorina team this was an issue for them weeks ago, and of course they ignored me. Don’t get mad. Don’t get defensive. Get better.

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