MSNBC’s #nerdland

Every Saturday morning that I can, I like to make some coffee and settle in for MSNBC’s morning line-up. As an adult who’s also a conservative activist, it’s on par for me with the satisfaction I enjoyed as a child who’d settle in on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. (I know many of you wince at that. I understand. Believe me. I personally however do enjoy it, and will explain why later in this post.) Since our cable had been out for the last 2 months, this was the first time I really got to settle in again on a Saturday morning with TV — but since my wife is getting caught up on her favorite shows (I think this one is Project Runway…?), I decided to write about some of my past Saturday morning experiences as a conservative eager to engage with the left.

First, credit where it’s due: Steve Kornacki is, surprisingly, often more a) fair and b) substantive — than anyone else, anywhere else. Yeah, I know. As I said…surprisingly! His guests however are hilariously unhinged, particularly because he doesn’t offer them the insanity-producing prodding that most other MSNBC hosts do. In other words, the uniformly anti-conservative guests on MSNBC usually get some help from the hosts and only need make the short journey from crazy-to-batsh*t. Kornacki’s show is hilarious because his guests must make the journey to batsh*t almost immediately and entirely on their own…and it’s just fun to watch.

Melissa Harris-Perry is a name most of us know well. (A new window will open when you click this link, and in doing so you may enjoy Twitchy’s encapsulation of Harris-Perry’s glorious career amid their many, many citations of her “work.”) It’s on The Melissa Harris-Perry show that I first stumbled on “#nerdland.” This is the hashtag her literally tens of viewers use to engage each other during the show.

Now, regarding my own penchant for wanting to engage the left, and as noted in an earlier post called “The Battle To Be Heard“…


The assertion captured in the screenshot above stands true also for my attempts to engage the #nerdland community, and since I started this blog — rather than just seek that engagement again in what’s become a mostly futile effort with respect to #nerdland’s community of half-wits, I decided to just write a post about past efforts before engaging in new ones.

So without further delay, I give you a selection of my unrequited efforts to engage with Melissa Harris-Perry’s “#nerdland” community…

Melissa often shares open letters she writes. They’re always packed with MSNBC’s trademarked bias-pretending-to-be-intelligent thought…and they always end with a passive-aggressive “Sincerely” that Melissa smiles and offers up in her best attempt at a pre-pubescent voice. And so my first tweet to #nerdland went like this…


You’d be right to note that it’s pretty harsh, but wrong to suggest it’s not without merit. Aside from the “if lisps were ratings then history might actually remember you” jab — my contention is and remains that the Democrats and left of 2015 are just as prone to segregation and (metaphorically at a minimum) slavery as they were in 1863 and 1964. In the last two years I’ve managed to soften that assertion, and I’ve qualified it also based on my own evolution of thought. (That softening and evolution is evident throughout many other posts on this blog.) Still, it was my first ever tweet to “#nerdland” so I needed to include it here.

Moving on, I don’t think anyone can argue with this…


And I don’t think anyone can argue with this…


In December 2013 the entire institutional left was crucifying Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for daring to say homosexuality a “sin.” And of course, MHP and her panel(s) spent the majority of the show doing the same. And so I offered up this fair, intellectually honest take…


Then there was this one, which I sent around the time Melissa was taking fire for her horrific mocking of Mitt Romney and his family for daring to adopt a black child. And I of course stand by the claim that calls for her to be fired were/are anti-conservative & anti-tea party — and that sunlight shining on a free market is not only the best disinfectant for the illiberal left’s bigotry and regression — but also as a conduit to our entire nation’s social and political evolution…


A few weeks later, this regarding the left’s ongoing and bigoted push for amnesty in what’s really a benefits-for-votes scheme intended to segregate and (metaphorically at a minimum) enslave yet more generations of brown people who will then vote uniformly for Democrats…


Then this one, during one of the left’s many, many pushes for reparations…


(I’ve since landed on the better argument of: If slavery empowered America to be the great nation it is as so many on the left who demand reparations contend, then African nations where slavery is still rampant today would be superpowers. America’s success came despite slavery, not because of it. Slavery ultimately was and remains a net negative for our nation.)

Then of course we have this, calling out Melissa’s leftist-consistent misread and lies on the tea party…


I actually stayed pretty busy with #nerdland on this day, so below are just a series of tweets seeking engagement that went unanswered. (Importantly in these, and first in the list, is a citation of the establishment GOP’s adopting Democrats’ segregationist tendencies with respect to voters in the Mississippi GOP Senate primary. You can read my take on that by clicking here. A new window will open so you can check it out when you’re done with this.)


On Voter ID, as per their discussion…


On abortion, as per their discussion…


To one of their panelists…


On abortion, yet again as part of their discussion, which repeats itself almost as much as I do…


On the left’s totally inexplicable use of a Spanish accent when saying “Latino.” Melissa isn’t alone in this hilarious deficiency. President Obama and many, many others do it as well. (Enjoy this throwback from Saturday Night Live where they did a sketch actually making fun of news organization’s tendency to do the same.)


Who knows what else I was busy with (very possibly nothing), but a few months later I lobbed this one their way…


And then this one with respect to still infamous Irin Carmon, who blocked me when I pointed out that nepotism more than talent or skill has likely enabled her meteoric rise on MSNBC (which of course is a knee-level rise to the rest of us)…


And finally this, calling out MHP and other leftists’ gleeful demand that no white male ever be part of their “tolerant, progressive” discussions…


By September 2014 I had ultimately lost hope. Tired of a) the left running from my arguments and exponentially more so b) the amplified conservative voices entirely ignoring me — I left Twitter for over a year, ultimately conceding…


Of course I’m back now and have decided to try a different approach, namely by using this blog to hopefully get some fresh thinking, advancement and engagement out there; Ideas that conservatism’s largely incestuous political, media and strategist/consultant communities will never stumble on because they’re too busy elevating themselves and each other to actually do anything other than preach to the choir.

I’ll keep working to engage the left in ways that challenge them and put them on substantive, uncharted defense for a change. And having settled in on the first Saturday morning since starting this blog, I decided to write a post highlighting past engagement before moving on to what you can rest assured will be much more in the future.


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