Is Obama An America-Loving Christian?

Earlier in the week Donald Trump engaged with an audience member who asserted that President Obama is a Muslim.

I’m watching Megyn Kelly’s show tonight and realizing that she, like all the other amplified voices speaking to the conservative grassroots, emphatically insists that…

“Well we all must know that Obama is in fact a Christian. Clearly he is. There can’t be any question about it. Anyone who says there is a question about it is a kook. He says he’s a Christian. He’s clearly a Christian. He’s definitely not a Muslim. Right? RIGHT?!

We heard the same thing not long ago with respect to whether or not Obama loves America, with most amplified voices insisting…

Obviously Obama loves America. C’mon. Of course he does. He says he loves America. You’ve got to take the man at his word. Yes. Yes. Yes. Obama loves America.”

I understand what they’re doing. Their fear of being called “RACIST!” by liberal watchdogs on the lookout for anyone chiding Obama’s “otherness” has them, by their estimation, picking their our battles “wisely.” In their cost-benefit analysis, the benefit of asking personal questions we’ll likely never get the answers to is far outweighed by the cost of being labeled “RACIST!” just for asking.

I’m apparently far less liberal than these amplified voices with my application of cost-benefit analyses when it comes to peoples’ right to ask questions. I’ll use cost-benefit analyses often when I propose legislative change — but in terms of proposing social or cultural change I’ll use those analyses exponentially less so, and when it comes to merely asking questions I can’t think of a scenario where I’d ever use one. As long as the question is intellectually honest and matters to me, I’ll ask it.

Getting answers may be damned — but all fair questions merit oxygen, if not freedom from suffocation.

So why would I not “take the man at his word” as is so often insisted by so many amplified voices? Well there are several reasons, but let me start with the most simple:

I won’t “take the man at his word” for the same reason I didn’t when he said if I liked my doctor, I could keep my doctor

Barack Obama enthusiastically lies to get what he wants.

And a ton of other politicians do, too.

With regard to religion, I’d bet 25% or more of all legislators who say they’re “Christian” are actually agnostic if not atheist.

If I had to come up with a definitive answer for President Obama, I’d guess he’s agnostic or atheist but with an affection for Islam coupled with a disdain for Christianity.

Why? Because when he talks about Islam he speaks personally and glowingly, and when he talks about Christianity he speaks academically and critically. What’s more, I believe Obama’s ultimate religion is redistribution — and that he sees Christianity as a wealthy religion that therefore loses immediate ground to the religion of Islam which he sees as a poor one. That’s me being intellectually honest, based on what I’ve seen.

So Megyn and others — if “Because he said so!” is good enough for you, then good luck with your “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me several thousand other times after that, shame on everyone else except for you and me” motto.

But let me ask you something: If President Obama were a Muslim, or an atheist, or an agnostic…do you think he’d be honest about it? And if he were honest about it, do you think he’d be President?

The answer to both of course, however unfortunately as I personally don’t think religion should preclude the Presidency, is a resounding “No.” (Note: While I am a religious person, specifically Christian, I’m still staunchly against religion influencing US law.)

“But why just Obama? Why don’t you challenge other leaders!?” these amplified voices might ask.

Well we do attack and challenge other so-called “leaders.” Why do you insist on protecting Obama from those challenges? Is it because he has brown skin? If so, I’d encourage you to rethink what ultimately amounts to your expressly bigoted sympathy and/or fear.

Moreover, Obama was elected after 6 years of coast-to-coast, 24 x 7, endless and hateful Bush and Republican Derangement Syndrome echoing all over our nation courtesy of the institutional left.

Now couple that with the same institutional left’s coast-to-coast, 24 x 7 fawning and gushing demand that we all immediately love everything Barack Obama says and does.

And then add the reality that anyone who refused to comply was branded “RACIST!”

Now multiply that by 7 more years of that same institutional left persistently ridiculing we right-leaning “rubes” as stupid, racist and/or both…and we’re a little less inclined to grant those masters of amplified messaging any ground at all let alone that which we’re supposed to cede simply so they don’t attack us unfairly the way they already have, still are and will keep doing any damn way.

But let’s not stop there…

Go ahead and take all of the above and multiply it yet again by Obama’s prideful penchant for audacity, along with his career-long track record of lies and his almost entirely redacted background.

Throw in a dash of “went to a Muslim school as a child” with a generous helping of “spent most of his adult life before politics claiming to be born in Kenya“…and most people just aren’t as willing as you are to concede that whatever he says has to be true based on your argument that “He said so.”

Do I think he was born in Kenya? No I don’t think he was, but again…I don’t know for sure, and it has less to do with my personal feelings and more to do with Obama being a liar. As it relates to where he was born, he was either born in Kenya or he lied about it for most of his adult life in order to sell more books. I’d lean heavily toward the latter there, but to say I know definitively would itself be a lie. And on that particular question, I don’t care enough to waste time asking it but won’t automatically concede an answer I’m not positive of just to avoid looking a certain way.

As to whether or not he “loves America” I’ll offer some thinking that virtually no one else — from GOP politicians to our amplified conservative voices — yet have…

Yes, but with two important qualifications: 1). He does love America, but he’s also exponentially more critical of the United States than any President before him ever was and any after him likely will be. And that easily observed reality leads to a rather obvious follow-up conclusion that 2). His love for America today is primarily anchored in what he envisions it could become tomorrow. And if you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone who says “I love you. Now change drastically!”, you know that’s not exactly the kind of “love” most people think about when they think about the good kind.

The amplified voices speaking to the conservative movement and demanding that we concede these points without qualification so that we don’t look “RACIST!” are just exacerbating the problem of unmerited accusations of “RACIST!”

Those amplified voices are of course well-intended but like so many other well-intended, highly-manipulative moves by the “thinking class” who dictates to our electorate — it’s rife with unintended consequence.

Among these unintended consequences, and in closing, a question for those amplified voices who insist “He’s not a Muslim!“…

What exactly is wrong with being a Muslim?

Yeah…didn’t see that one coming, did you?

I worry that some in our nation do believe Islam is inherently “evil” and if you’re actually trying to fuel that fire then worry not…you’re doing it right.

Stop being an elitist snob trying to save us from ourselves. Some of the people asking the questions may be grating in their own delivery or logic, but stop suffocating intellectually honest questions because you’re worried about how asking them might make you or anyone else look. When you do so, in the long run, you’re just perpetuating making us all look bad…and in many cases act worse.

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