American Exceptionalism

Everyone talks about it.

Very few even try to, let alone readily can, articulate its origin.

I’m talking about American Exceptionalism.

President Obama on several occasions has implied (and I’m paraphrasing) that “What makes America ‘exceptional’ are government guarantees that undefined ‘hard work’ will net an arbitrarily-defined ‘fair share.'”

Hillary Clinton — in her shared belief that wealth is finite and opportunities to redistribute it ought not be wasted on petty and futile efforts to instead organically replicate it — has shown us repeatedly that she too shares this belief about “What makes America great.”

This is of course not only wrong, but in fact the antithesis of what enabled America to become so exceptional.

And their base…? Far too many in their base, primarily within and as instructed by the institutional left, will tell you that America isn’t exceptional at all and is in fact the manifestation of pure evil.

I noted in a recent post that I believe Obama does love America, but with two important qualifiers. You can read that post in-full by clicking here (a new window will open) but below is a relevant screenshot…


The left’s base who trash America constantly, rejecting that we are in fact an exceptional nation, might at best share the brand of “love” as ascribed above to Obama.

Having long lamented the conservative movement’s intellectual morbidity with respect to messaging and communications efficacy, I’ll offer up my very short answer on what makes America exceptional. Because if our most amplified voices — from politicians to the incestuous, insider-only media and strategist types — aren’t able to cite what made America exceptional, how on earth can we expect to a) replicate it and/or b) use it to go on offense while challenging those who oppose us to share their views on the topic?

What enabled American exceptionalism has nothing to do with America or Americans, and everything to do with a founding and sustained principle that our nation would allow individuals to empower themselves despite — despite — a still necessary government. Not by that government, because of or thanks to it…but despite it.

“Hey wait a minute! Nothing to do with America or Americans!? WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA?!” a sliver of our right-leaning peers might ask.

Neither the ground we stand on nor the people born on it are inherently better than other ground nor people born elsewhere. There’s something in our recipe that allowed America to become exceptional. It’s not inherent. It’s not magic. It’s not God just deciding to have graced us because so many in our nation praise His name. (Though I do believe if God purposefully shed His grace on We, that “Liberty” — not Christianity — is the reason why. And I encourage you to click that link and read that post if you’ve not yet. Consider ahead of time: Armenia adopted Christianity formally as a nation back in 300 AD and has sustained that positioning ever since. And yet…well it’s safe to say they’re not quite the beacon of hope and source of exceptionalism that the United States has managed to become despite being some 1,500+ years younger.)

Ultimately, “Liberty” is what enabled American exceptionalism. Synonymous with God’s greatest gift to us after life itself (ie, “free will”), “Liberty” is the manifestation of that gift as guaranteed to a nation’s people despite a still necessary government for the first time in the world’s history — providing you don’t impede on others’ rights while exercising it.

What made America exceptional is empowering individuals through individual liberty since our founding despite a still necessary government. That so many on the left assert the antithesis of this as what makes America exceptional, helps explain why we’re increasingly so far removed from that exceptionalism.

Say it with me, get your head around it, ask our most amplified voices to do the same or offer up something better if you or they disagree — and once we’re on the same page, let’s go challenge the institutional left and specifically our Democrat opposition to tell us again how America became exceptional because of government-insured guarantees that undefined “hard work” will net an arbitrarily-defined “fair share.”

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