Ben Carson; America’s First Black President

This isn’t a post I’m super excited about writing. No matter how much I might disagree with or lament the political leanings and/or lack thereof with respect to a lot of our nation’s voters — I really don’t aim to “take away” something so many take so much pride in.

Moreover, for the entirety of this post I envision being forced to set aside my greatest lament relating to social and political goings-on in 2015 America: Our hyperfocus on identity (namely race and ethnicity) as perpetually demanded by the left in their aimless and ultimately regressive pursuit for ‘unity and equality.’ A pursuit, mind you, that we’ll only grow farther removed from if we continue letting the left lead on the issue.

Still, unlike so many Democrats who claim to be the “party of math and science,” many of us on the right actually do hold the merits of math, science and other objectively conclusive realities in high esteem.

And so I yet again find myself holding those merits up despite the left’s aggressive rejection of them. And for the purposes of this writing, it starts with this…

Barack Obama is not our first black President.

Just because he may self-identify as “black,” does not make it so. Just ask Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King. (Actually don’t, because they’ll give you a mountain’s worth of over-intellectualized psychobabble nuance that ultimately amounts to whatever answer they want to give you.)

The reality is that Barack Obama is our first biracial President.

“Why not just let bygones be on this one?!”, some of my right-leaning peers may ask.

I’ll tell you why…

The GOP has led every meaningful Civil Rights push in United States’ history.

We led on ending slavery in 1863.

We led on ending segregation in 1964.

And fear, apathy and/or affability just aren’t reason enough, in my view, for us to concede leading on nominating and inaugurating our nation’s first black President if that opportunity exists.

In 2016, we have that opportunity with Dr. Ben Carson.

Again, I hate that our nation is so focused on identity.

I hate that I was born in 1977 and raised to value character over color, only to have leftists in 2015 tell me that doing so is “RACIST!”

The left of 2015, a full 50 years after MLK’s “Dream” speech, tell us that unless we all focus like a laser on skin color — we stand no chance of ever achieving meaningful progress toward equality and unity. How will we achieve unity and equality as per the left’s instruction? Well, according to Democrats and the left, we must as individuals and a nation uniformly embrace “Whiteness” as a pejorative, while heaping unqualified and perpetual pity on all black and brown people.

Let me respond to that with something even the kids will understand: WTF!?

Still, the grassroots leftists who assert this do so often from a place of sincerity and good intentions. The Democrats as amplified through the institutional left have raised several generations of black and brown people to truly believe that no matter what the situation — if something unfair or unpleasant happens in their lives, somewhere it’s the result of “Whiteness” in the United States.

I often note when encountering or observing the left’s incessant accusation of [pick your] ism: There are plenty of people from one race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation and social class — who simply don’t like other individuals of the same race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation and social class. In other words, sometimes people just won’t like you. That’s life. It’s not always fair, there will be times that people let you down…and not everyone will like you. It doesn’t make them some “ism” and it definitely doesn’t make you a perpetual victim. Only you can let yourself live as a perpetual victim and as someone who’s been jumped for being too white and on a separate occasion for being too brown — I implore you not to let anyone make you live your life as a victim.

But the left relegate otherwise powerful individuals in to perpetually aggrieved groups wherein they’re instructed to live their lives as perpetual victims. They force hyperfocus on race/ethnicity/identity, and as long as our nation as instructed by Democrats and the institutional left continues to care so wildly about color — it bears noting for so many who care that we’re yet to elect our nation’s first black President.

Moreover, if we on the right don’t point this out now — I assure you the Democrats will should they nominate an American who happens to be black for President again. They’ll say…

“Oh we loved Obama as President of the United States! And we still love Obama as the informal President of the World! And while he spent his US Presidency attacking the rich for not carrying the poor because after all wealth is finite, we think it’s peachy that he’s now attacking the rich US for not carrying the world’s poor nations! But technically speaking, he wasn’t our first black President. So unless you’re RACIST!, you’ll vote for John Smith, and he’ll be our nation’s true first black President! You’re not RACIST!, are you? Great! Then all together now: John Smith 2024!”

So speaking with a nod to objective reality and a degree of strategic political foresight — Barack Obama is not our first black President. He’s our first biracial President. If you want to celebrate that, go ahead. If you want to celebrate that in light of this he’s also our nation’s first transracial President, feel free to do that too.


But if nominated and elected, the reality is that Dr. Ben Carson would be our nation’s first black President. And while plenty on the right don’t think he should be running because he lacks the political experience, that’s among the reasons I’m so excited that he is — and he’s on a very short list I have from the very long list of candidates who I’d love to see win this thing.

So yes among a few others I also like a lot, Ben Carson for President! That Carson would also happen to be our first black President is something I’m not personally that interested in, but I know others however unfortunately would be. If anyone wants to start amplifying that reality since Dr. Carson is too evolved to ever do so, feel free to. I put it here on this blog because it’s something that had been eating at me a bit, and for now I can consider my work on the matter done.

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