“Appreciation For English Is ‘RACIST!'”

I’m going to keep this very simple since so many whose ferocious hatred for Trump seems to eclipse their ability to think about what they’re saying and doing…

There is no greater conduit to shared values, expressions of organic diversity and ultimately unity than that which exists amid linguistic communication.

In the United States, that conduit exists foremost as the English language.

I live in The Bronx, and in my neighborhood language proficiency exists at least as I’ve perceived it to-date (totally unscientific and admittedly potentially biased) in this order:

  1. Spanish/English bilingual
  2. Spanish only
  3. English/Spanish bilingual
  4. English only

As an English only speaker, I’ve still managed to form several decent relationships with those Spanish only speakers I encounter daily. (Of course, if the guy who cuts your hair doesn’t speak a word of the language you do — you better damn well find a way to make sure he at least likes you a little bit!) But on other occasions — I’ve been attacked by Spanish only speakers for daring to live in this neighborhood without speaking Spanish. Okay in all fairness I don’t know that I was attacked…but raised voices and angry facial expressions/body language to in one case include shoving by some 4′ woman in her 50s who approached me urgently, said something in Spanish, got my standard “No habla” response and proceeded to shove me before storming off…are pretty universal in their meaning.

Setting aside my personal experience here generally which I lament foremost for our nation as opposed to myself — when Donald Trump said Jeb Bush “should really set the example by speaking English in the United States,” I stood up and cheered. And I actually thought it was one of the more important and profound points — however accidental or incidental — that the man who’s possibly built his entire campaign on “WALL!” has made.

But then Jeb turned around and called Trump a “RACIST!” for his remarks. Actually, he called Trump’s supporters racists — saying Trump was appealing to voters in “Dog-whistle terms.” And for any who have been asleep for the last 50 years, “dog-whistle” has come to exist with near-exclusivity as a dog-whistle codeword for “RACIST!”

Here’s the really, really simple part for Jeb, leftists, and increasingly far too many other intellectually empty “leaders” in the conservative movement who are as blinded by their hatred for Trump as so many of Trump’s supporters are in their enthusiasm for him…

What Trump said to Bush, if taken literally instead of on assumptions geared toward an already-established narrative, was a directive to strengthen unity in the United States among our citizens and legal immigrants. But when Bush responded to Trump, he did so not only by rejecting Trump’s call for more of that which might unite us — but by also asserting without foundation the expressly divisive chide of “RACIST!” Democrats have long used the unfounded “RACIST!” accusation on the GOP and fired up their base to include the institutional left by doing so, and we’ve all seen how well that’s worked out in terms of mitigating division, disparity and ultimately destruction. That so many amplified voices in the conservative movement are increasingly doing the same, is horrifically unacceptable.

Valuing a single language with which a nation’s people can communicate, understand each other and ultimately unite if not evolve based on shared understanding…is not racist. In the US that language is English. If others want it to be Spanish, cool. But let’s agree on one and then not apologize for lamenting the inability or unwillingness of some to adhere to it.

I’ve written before and unfortunately expect I’ll write again about the regressive and increasing onset of furious, well-amplified conservative voices/”leaders” shouting “RACIST!” at other conservatives and/or Republicans without thought or foundation. Today’s 3 way reach-around on Twitter by @ThomasHCrown, @DrewMTips and @baseballcrank was aimed at Breitbart’s Neil Munro for having written this article relative to Jeb, his wife, the English language and the GOP primary.

There was this…


Then this, because of course where would any of us be if not for others’ insistence on today’s sentiments from the long-deceased…


And finally this…


In fairness, I don’t know who any of these people are. I’d seen @baseballcrank bang out some decent stuff in the past and remembered as much broadly from his easily recognizable avatar — so decided to swing by to see what was up today. (And this will probably be my last opportunity to do that since these “leaders” typically respond first by ganging up on the grassroots who dare challenge them, and then blocking us.) But having seen “what was up today” I’m reminded that you never have to look long to spot the sub elites in the conservative movement whose penchants for endless snark, groupthink and mob activity make them unmistakable — and @ThomasHCrown, @DrewMTips and @baseballcrank, in this instance at least, bear the douchey trademarks of each. And I don’t know Neil Munro, either. Maybe there’s some awful history in Munro’s past that they know and I don’t. Or who knows, maybe they — like their so-called liberal and progressive peers in this conversation — think simple “Whiteness” is enough to merit scorn. But I’m not seeing anything expressly or even latently “RACIST!” in the piece they referenced as “RACIST!”…and certainly invite them or anyone else to enlighten me if I’m wrong. (Please note: “If you can’t see it, that just proves it!”…does not constitute “enlightenment.”)

Whatever the case, it sucks that yet again as noted many times already in my 9 day old blog…I’m writing about amplified conservative voices who somewhere along the way earned their places as leaders in our movement, again regressively adopting the Democrats’ playbook that we as a movement are long overdue in combating.


Note: @ThomasHCrown responded to this post. You can read his response and mine as well, by clicking here.

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