The Institutional Left

Having written several posts referencing the institutional left, I’ve decided to do a quick one explaining that in more detail so instead of constantly qualifying “(mainstream media, Hollywood and academia)” — I can instead just link to this article for any visitors who haven’t yet seen it.

Oh and I guess it’s also important that the institutional left gets some sunlight, since while not part of any great conspiracy…it very much amplifies a uniform voice from coast-to-coast that unfortunately ends up being the only one our primarily recreationally-engaged electorate ever hears.

I need to start by talking about conservative media. How many times do we have to hear about how “Fox News & AM talk radio brainwash” their audiences before we push back in a comprehensive way amid our uniform voice thereby highlighting the absurdity and hypocrisy of assertions like those?

Newsbusters has for many years done an excellent job serving as a watchdog for bias in the media, but it’s not just the media that merits focus. For academia, Campus Reform has consistently done extremely well in exposing the amplified and prescribed leftism across the US at our colleges and universities. As for Hollywood’s part in the institutional left’s amplified voice, the great Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy is the best I’ve found that serves as a watchdog for the entertainment world. Note however: Twitchy mostly focuses on Twitter in general and the entertainment aspect of their posts are more incidental than as part of a specific mandate. And in that way, they really not only dinging Hollywood/entertainment but also media and academia. I’ve long predicted that Twitchy would become one of the conservative movement’s most effectively weaponized arms in the digital age, and that prediction is beginning to manifest as lamented among the left.

Individually, each of these sites are doing tremendous work every day to push back on the institutional left. But collectively, too few of our amplified voices have united to comprehensively and quickly mount a reply that puts the perpetually on-offense left on defense for a change. That comprehensive and quick reply might start roughly with thinking that embraces this…

Those who claim Fox News & AM talk radio “brainwash” their audiences do so while…

ABC, CBS & NBC to include virtually all news and programming, MSNBC, CNN, HLN, PBS, NPR, the NYT and fully 90% of our nation’s largest newspapers, Google, Yahoo!, AOL, virtually all of Hollywood and most of academia

all uniformly promise their audiences be it blatantly or subtly that “Liberals are cool! Conservatives are lame.

Americans who aren’t even looking for politically-driven content are still sure to get it no matter where they turn, and it’s often dispelled in veiled ways that serve to inform the consumer’s opinions and views whether they realize it or not.

Many on the right have long chided the mainstream media. I feel it’s important that we unite to address a much more comprehensive encapsulation of the left’s uniform voice as expressed 24×7 all across the United States.

It’s among that important hope that I’ve instead begun referring to the “institutional left” and am asking you to consider doing the same.


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