Cops, Racism, Math, Science & Progress

Much of this post will be difficult for many people to swallow. As I’ve noted in the past: The greatest impediment to progress in 2015 America is intellectual dishonesty. With that reality expressly in mind, few if any in our nation are making some of these key points…which is a real tragedy because they’re as true as they are imperative in what sadly remains a too-often elusive manifestation of both unity and equality in the USA.

I’ll start brazenly with the one that will unfortunately hurt the most, but will try to qualify from there as part of very sincere commitments to unity, equality, progress and social/political evolution:

Police officers are absolutely justified in disproportionately suspecting young black males of criminal activity.

It’s not okay that that’s the reality, but that is the reality. As promised, let me qualify a bit…

That police disproportionately suspect young black males is overwhelmingly the product of statistics, not racism or bigotry.

No one disputes that Americans who happen to be black suffer disproportionate disparity relative to other races in America. That disparity among Americans who happen to be black exists in many forms, foremost among them and in a purposeful order: Broken homes, education, income and crime.

Of those disparities — “crime” often comes last because broken homes often lead to income and education disparities, which more often lead to crime.

That so many Democrat activists whose voices are so amplified in this conversation dismiss that reality, is disingenuous if not aggressively regressive — and serves only to exacerbate the problem(s).

How can anyone who knows that black people are disproportionately affected by disparity, not understand or acknowledge that where there’s disproportionate disparity — there will be disproportionate crime?

How can so many on the left cry out at 10AM that black Americans are too often hobbled by poor education and income, but then at 2PM say it’s “RACISM!” that drives the crime disparity between black Americans and literally everyone else?

Evidence-Based Math Is Not Racist

Nothing drives disparity in education and subsequently income, more than broken homes. This isn’t my opinion. It’s empirically proven. But rather than addressing that reality, along with the simultaneous reality that blacks disproportionately endure the disparity of growing up in broken homes — too many in our nation simply want to blame “racist cops” for what happens as these disparity-afflicted kids become adults.

This is not only an aggressive rejection of both math and science — which is particularly unfortunate as it’s primarily those among the self-described “party of math and science” who assert and amplify these rejections of both — but it also a) perpetuates the problem by b) misappropriating blame for it while c) pushing a liberty-crushing lie that d) creates greater division and segregation across our nation as a whole.

I’ll break it down in easy-to-follow bullet statements…

  • When an individual endures the disparity of a broken home, that individual is more inclined to disparities relating to education.
  • When an individual experiences a disparity in education, that individual is more inclined to disparities relating to income.
  • When an individual endures a disparity related to income, that individual is more inclined to disparities relating to crime.
  • Black Americans disproportionately experience disparities in broken homes, and then education, and then income  — and too often, because so many so eagerly ignore that problem — our society watches as that cycle repeats itself inter-generationally.
  • Thus, Americans who happen to be black are disproportionately inclined toward crime.

The cops don’t suck. The statistics do. And this, of course, is not okay. But it’s by no means the end of the conversation. Rather, it’s the beginning of it.


The Statistics Are A Product Of Racism And Bigotry

This article started with the following assertion…

That police disproportionately suspect young black males is overwhelmingly the product of statistics, not racism or bigotry.

Those statistics however are a product of racism and bigotry. And the question we as a nation need to explore and answer is, “Whose?”

Here’s my answer: The disparities endured by Americans who happen to be black are the result of historically-consistent penchants for racism, bigotry and segregation as asserted still today by Democrats. The issue has become far more complex than it was in 1863 or 1964 however, because the overwhelming majority of those Democrats who are exacerbating these disparities are very much well-intended. Most truly believe what they’re doing and saying is good, and thus are not “racists, bigots and segregationists” in the historical context of each.

Well-intended or not however, these Democrats and their leftist allies only perpetuate the division, disparity and ultimately destruction they purport to combat — when they so aggressively misappropriate the cause of, and blame for, each. We must be willing to speak about this topic with intellectual honesty and my hope is that the ideas in this post might start the beginning of that more honest conversation.

Today’s “racial policing” is sadly an implicit product of math and science by way of statistics relating to disparities that exist before crime — exponentially more so than any express or even latent manifestation of allegedly ubiquitous racism among police officers or “institutionally” in America. That Democrats who are the self-described “party of math and science” so aggressively reject that math and science and instead misappropriate blame thereby only perpetuating the problem(s), serves only to further validate my answer to the question, “Whose racism and bigotry causes these disparities?”…

I believe the Democrat party, however well-intended today, assert racism and bigotry that results in disproportionate disparity among Americans who happen to be black. And those disparities will most often and obviously manifest in this order: Broken homes, education, income and ultimately crime. And because of specific targeting, this happens inter-generationally. And because it happens inter-generationally, so many young black males come from broken homes that are one of many in a series within his family. The deck is empirically stacked against them in a way that leaves many with a sense of hopelessness and increases the inclination toward crime, before many even reach high school.

I plead with any who are in or supportive of the #BlackLivesMatter movement to consider some of the points here thoughtfully rather than immediately dismissing them from a defensive posture. Americans who happen to be black are very much targeted for discrimination and as someone whose “whiteness” is increasingly blamed by Democrats to include the media, Hollywood and most of academia — I’ve gotten a small taste of what that feels like. And it’s horrible. But understand that the vast majority of your American brothers and sisters regardless of race or ethnicity are not culpable in the targeting of black people. However well-intended so many are in 2015, that targeting is a product of historically-consistent Democrats who sadly perpetuate disparity, division and destruction amid their efforts to “help” — be those efforts contrived or sincere.

What these Democrats and leftists often claim is “empathy” is actually bigoted sympathy for any whose experiences are diverse from their own. Moreover, in addressing disparities in education and income — the left work aggressively to dismiss the single greatest empirical driver of each: Broken homes. And as of late, they do so with the help of the Obama-era CDC which I wrote about earlier in this blog (in my very first post) and will write about again in the future because it deserves much more sunlight. (EDIT, 9/21/15: I wrote that follow up post with specific focus on education, and you can view it by clicking here.) Ultimately, if you’re set on rewarding, celebrating and/or dismissing broken homes which are empirically proven to be the key driver of disparity in the US — you cede the right to lament that disparity.

It’s not okay that so many with amplified voices are a) making the problems worse by misappropriating blame as demonstrated by the left, and b) failing to note the severity and destruction of that misappropriation as demonstrated by the right. I seek to rectify both and appreciate any honest, thoughtful, fair dialogue from those who also seek liberty and justice for all.

EDIT 11/9/15: Though addressing different elements of the #BlackLivesMatter movement’s rejection of basic math and science, Hot Air has a new post up that’s worth a read as well.


  1. “Equality” is what the Left holds most dear and they take “that all men are created equal” quite literally, whereas the Right values “Liberty” most.

    “Nature smiles at the union of freedom and equality in our utopias. For freedom and equality are sworn and everlasting enemies, and when one prevails the other dies. Leave men free, and their natural inequalities will multiply almost geometrically, as in England and America in the nineteenth century under laissez-faire. To check the growth of inequality, liberty must be sacrificed, as in Russia after 1917. Even when repressed, inequality grows; only the man who is below the average in economic ability desires equality; those who are conscious of superior ability desire freedom, and in the end superior ability has its way.” –Will Durant

    For me, that’s the conflict in a nutshell. For the most part, leftists are blank-slaters, in that they genuinely believe that we’re inherently equal, not merely in the eyes of God or whatnot, but actually equal. In other words, they believe all people are essentially blank slates, and hence, if there are any unequal outcomes whether economic or otherwise, said inequalities are the direct result of a flawed and biased system. So for them, it’s not just a question of people being treated equal in the eyes of the government or marketplace, but rather that if some people (say) end up with a lot of money and others with little, the system is at fault… somewhere. The Right on the other hand are more realists in regard to outcomes pace “The Parable of the Talents.”

    My point here is that these are really value statements, or more apt, a priority of values, since both sides tend to value both personal liberty and equality to some degree or another. So we can’t really resolve our political differences by an appeal to empirical facts. I think what we can do is acknowledge that there are legitimacies to both views, but from time to time the fulcrum shifts too far to one side and needs to be shifted back.


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