Hillary, Emails, Immunity & Lies

We’re seeing plenty of reports out there about the United States Congress potentially granting immunity to Bryan Pagliano. Here’s a good one from The Washington Times that you can check out to catch yourself up.

Bryan was one of Hillary Clinton’s staffers while she “served” as Secretary Of State. Most notably, Bryan is the staffer who built and installed Hillary’s homebrew email server and system.

The left has shown us repeatedly that they as a movement and as individuals firmly believe the ends justify the means.

My question is a very simple one: As tempting as it may be to grant Pagliano immunity with the hope that he’ll demystify so much that we don’t know about Hillary’s email controversy…what on God’s green earth makes any of us believe “testifying before Congress” will change the left’s persistent and clear contention that the ends justify the means? In other words, why would we give this individual a platform that guarantees absolution of all his legal sin, knowing full well that he could easily use it as an opportunity to fall entirely on the sword thereby exonerating Hillary and relegating her misdeeds to simple ignorance and/or incompetence?

Can’t you hear it, already…?

“My name is Bryan Pagliano. I lied to Secretary Clinton and told her that the homebrew server was perfectly legal and in accordance with the technology standards I was tasked with knowing. I also lied and told her that any Top Secret information would be captured before it hit her server, and delivered elsewhere in accordance with dissemination of Top Secret materials. All culpability here is entirely on me. I lied and cheated, and I take full responsibility for it…which thanks to you, amounts to nothing more than admitting as much here today. Thank you. Hillary 2016!”

Now you might say, “Well no one would actually believe that!”…to which I reply, it doesn’t matter. The entire case can effectively be closed, and what’s more — the mainstream media along with Hillary’s campaign would gladly accept Pagliano’s sacrifice and make sure anyone who still had questions were relegated further down the “purely partisan, unsubstantiated, asked-and-answered” black hole. The same black hole where Lois Lerner and so many others go to become martyrs and enjoy behind-the-scenes adoration from every leftist activist and force on the planet.

If I were a member of Congress in search of the truth, I’d be extremely weary of granting immunity to any Obama-era leftist on the good faith belief that they’ll provide the truth. How many times must we fall victim to the left’s version of ‘audacity’ before we finally stopĀ handing them those opportunities on a perfectly teed up, silver platter?

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