Update To Conservative-On-Conservative Violence; Not In Moderation

Earlier today I mistakenly tainted what should’ve been a great post referencing conservative-on-conservative violence and pointing back to the establishment GOP’s regressive, destructive behavior in the Mississippi Senate GOP Primary of 2014. You can read that post in it’s entirety, here.

The mistake I made was launching it with a more personal experience that, more than anything else, just grated on me.

Now however that minor dust-up has reared it’s head in a more decisive way that has me crafting a follow-up just on that.

The site Young Conservatives appears to be one of the many great outlets in truly organic new media launched by and for conservatives set on advancing our message and movement for all the right reasons.

The moderator who patrols the site’s comment section however, has asserted himself in a way that goes against those principles we on the right hold dear. I’ve inquired with Young Conservative’s via their Facebook page as to whether or not this individual is an integral part of their team and central to their success — or if he’s more along the lines of a neophyte to whom they’ve granted moderating privileges in tandem with a lean-run operation whose foremost contributors can’t be everywhere at once. I’ll update this post when and if I get a reply, but I’m really hoping their answer mostly reflects the latter. If however their answer reflects the former, I’ll lick my wounds and wish them the best despite my feelings as noted below.

The moderator I’m referencing uses the name Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016. We’ll just call him “Wife2016” to keep it simple. Wife2016 inserted himself in a fair enough conversation I was having with another person, deeming my posts to be spam. Was it a warm, touchy feely conversation I was having? No it wasn’t, as few are in a world rife with ideas and opinions that often run in to each head on. Again, you can read about that initial exchange by clicking here if you’d like, but here’s the bottom line on this update to it.

Wife2016 inserted himself as follows, with my reply to him also captured in the below screenshot:

Scrubbed comment

Several hours go by and I think that’s the end of it. Fair enough, it’s all pretty small ball stuff and nothing worth losing too much sleep over. But then I got a notification that Wife2016 had replied again, and I find this:


Wife2016 decided not only to actually, truly delete my comments right off the page — but proceeded to lob his own parting attack before banning me from leaving any more comments.

I love the First Amendment. I love it so much that I even applaud those like Wife2016 who use it to censor and/or scrub those thoughts and ideas they don’t like. It’s Wife2016’s platform – or at least he’s been given that power from the people at Young Conservatives – and if that’s how they choose to manage their platform, they’re 100% entitled to do so.

But I feel like that type of First Amendment expression, particularly on the pages of a conservative-leaning website, merits some sunlight. Among my reasons for applauding that use of free speech is because I’m also a fan of the free market…and I believe that type of action will ultimately be frowned on by others when deciding how much credibility to give a person, organization or platform.

Yes my blog is 3 days old, and as the proprietor of it — only I know that I’ve thus far seen less than 100 visitors total each day. It’s aggressively unimpressive, and I remain pretty voiceless. But I’m here for one reason and that’s to try to get some amplification, as most reading this I’m sure often wish they had as well. I’ll put in the work, I’ll add the content as often as I’m able and inspired to…and this is part of that.

I should note also that if Wife2016 is an operator on the far outskirts of Young Conservatives’ success — I’m not trying to take away the “Moderator” license he clearly wields so proudly. But again, some sunlight is warranted here and so I’m inclined to offer it up.

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