Politico’s Nick Gass; A Study In Mopishness

At some point in the not too distant past, a rather eager liberal minion named Nick Gass began cropping up on Politico’s pages to offer up his sacrifice of journalistic integrity for a seat at what he – and so many others – incorrectly identify as the professional media’s “cool kids” table.

I should note early on: Most of the biased media, particularly those of the barely pubescent persuasion like Nick…aren’t political activists at all. They’re products of incessant leftist inbreeding as dictated to them endlessly through the institutional left, and they ultimately believe that “Progressive is cool! Conservative is lame.” Their activism has little-to-nothing to do with actual political passion or persuasion, and everything to do with a misguided conclusion that somehow entirely uninspired, dependent and establishment-protective thought will net them the credibility among “the cool” they never had before and so desperately want now.

As Kurt Schlichter aptly and memorably noted to the Nick Gass’ of the world: “Your time in the indoctrination factories of academia trained you in a form of ‘critical thinking’ that is neither.”

I’ll not link to Politico from these pages. As implied in a previous post, Politico’s operation will be a primary target for this blog and while I thankfully lack the delusion to think that I and my literally tens of readers will alone make a dent in their revenue streams…I’ll still do my part not to invite those who visit these pages to contribute to Politico with additional clicks. Should you be inclined to let me, I’ll gladly do the clicking for both of us and report back. I assure you that if you’re a conservative, libertarian, conservatarian or even a truly progressive liberal (as opposed to regressive illiberals Gass and others on the left hero worship) — you’re not missing anything.

Today Gass squeed with delight upon hearing Donald Trump’s son Eric say that his father’s run for the Presidency is a selfless act. Why did Gass squee with delight? Because as is often the case with Gass, he saw an opportunity to assert yet another of his many-times-a-week personal insights designed to mock all things conservative. Giddy Gass first quoted Eric Trump’s comments in support of his father, before unleashing in his typically uninspired, passive aggressive voice the following “Gotcha!” quote from Donald Trump in a past interview: “The other reason I wanted to do this is for myself. I didn’t want to look back in ten years and say I could have done that or I could have done that. My family would look at me and say, ‘Ugh, stop.’ I had to do it for myself,”



Did Gass just blow the lid off a great Trump family controversy?!

Did he just prove Eric Trump, or Donald Trump, or probably both to be rabid liars who either can’t or won’t get their stories straight?!


Gass took a tepid observation from one of Mr. Trump’s son’s first media appearances, and tried to turn it in to something controversial where no controversy exists. Very simply: Donald Trump can see his run as something he’s doing for himself, while Eric sees it as something selfless…and both can easily be right. In fact if we want to apply the type of nuance that neophyte Gass and his still-not-cool older fraternity pals at Politico exhaust daily, the case can be made by Donald’s own reasoning that his White House run is in fact selfless for a few easily inferred reasons: 1) Sparing his family the future “I could have!” speech, and more notably 2) Doing something for our nation now that would otherwise weigh on him later had he not tried, despite the many sacrifices and selflessness it might require.

As he likely always has and will both socially and professionally, you can expect Nick to linger like bad Gass almost daily on Politico’s already stinky pages. And as often as these pages can, we’ll show up ready to light the match.

One comment

  1. The media-political coziness continues to surprise and dishearten. It wont matter to me at my age however, those younger will one day generations from now wonder what happened and why?


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