Criminal Aliens; Two Important Points

The Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan reports that 20% of all criminal aliens have criminal records.

“Criminal alien” is my term, not Dinan’s, and I’m happy to qualify it for any who haven’t heard it before…

  • Open borders advocates like Jose Antonio Vargas insist that “people can’t be illegal.” He thus demands use of rhetorically minced terms like “undocumented immigrants,” and will gladly go cry to the boss of any reporter who doesn’t use Jose’s preferred language.
  • Those who believe the US should have borders, and that those borders to include the laws governing their use should be enforced — are quick to remind Jose that “immigrant” is a term reserved for those who come to the US legally.
  • And so, if Jose and other open borders advocates insist on ignoring the real heft of this conversation and instead changing up existing language to that which is more technically sound and intellectually honest…everyone’s problem can be solved by using the term “Criminal alien.” So if you want to play that game, Jose et al, there ya go. You’re welcome.

Moving on…

I could write thousands of words on the entire illegal immigration conversation, but I’ll exercise some discipline and keep the point of this post to 2 important points.

First, there’s an important caveat to this entire conversation that most if not all of our most amplified voices on the right fail to note. While some certainly are, the vast majority of illegal immigrants are not bad people. Most were seduced to the US illegally by historically-consistent, bigoted Democrats in a benefits-for-loyalty scheme. This is the reality and it’s no doubt a sad one, but it doesn’t change two other very important realities with regard to our letting them stay…

1). We’ll be rewarding Democrats’ penchants for lawlessness and bigotry/division.

2). We’ll be setting the precedent for Hispanics and Latinos that the US government understands they may sometimes lack the intellect, integrity and/or other capacity to obey US immigration law — and thus merit passes that others who follow the law were never given and never will be.

Neither of those things are okay, and if our most amplified voices can adopt and assert this messaging effectively — they’ll put the Democrats on well-deserved defense while lifting up those Hispanics and Latinos who the left are unfortunately unwilling to address as individuals, and instead focus primarily on segregating as a group.

Second, it’s not okay that many who support amnesty and/or open borders are now saying (and I’m paraphrasing) “Illegal aliens don’t commit crime! It’s a myth that they do! They’re actually some of the most law-abiding people in the US!” Let me ask a question: If someone convicted of a DUI didn’t commit any other crime, like I don’t know…let’s say property damage or manslaughter…should that DUI convict be absolved his/her conviction? Of course not. So it’s with a commitment to our Founders’ correct assertion that all people are created equal — that we on the right point out that yes, contributing to the destruction of our border, and consuming benefits that are paid by and reserved for US citizens and those here legally, is still very much a crime and not one to be glossed over just because it’s happening so rampantly.

That 20% of all those apprehended at the border are guilty of other crimes, be it here in the US or elsewhere, is certainly important. But it’s also important that we not let the institutional left (mainstream media, Hollywood, academia) — as amplified by the Democrats and leftist activists — completely dismiss the part where coming to the US illegally is itself still very much illegal.

I’d love to see these two points, most notably the first one, become uniform staples in the GOP’s messaging. The best I can do is offer it up here, and continue trying to improve my own language and messaging until those who can actually make a difference take notice.

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