My Friend Angela Box

For many years Angela Box of Houston, TX has been a great friend to me. We’ve rallied together, fought together, inspired, carried and supported each other. So it is with many inspired emotions that I write today after discovering that Angela has been targeted in the most personal ways by the uniform voice of the bigoted, racist left who only perpetuate the disparity and division most of them purport to combat.

Angela has always been outspoken and make no mistake, while she’s absolutely been targeted…Angela Box is nobody’s victim and fights today using her First Amendment right and fiery tenacity. Apparently the psychopaths among the New Black Panthers and a slew of other anti-American groups, led foremost by one “Quanell X” (never heard of this well-intended but wildly wrong social sociopath before and God willing never will again), decided to launch a movement to get Angela fired from her job as a 3rd grade teacher in Houston, TX.

They lost that battle when Angela instead resigned in the face of the controversy these fascist activists heaped on her and her students and their families, vowing to live by the motto she’s preached so many times before: “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

Angela and I had lost touch for some time. To be perfectly candid, I got burnt out on Facebook after it’s many “improvements to enhance my experience!” that ultimately only confounded and exhausted 38 year old fogies like myself. I took to Twitter, Angela at the time stayed more active on Facebook…and we drifted as so many friends often will. Starting this blog however I decided to log back in to my Facebook account to let any who remember me know about this new endeavor, and that’s when I landed on Angela’s page and saw all the commotion from her very personal run-in with the celebrated bigots among the institutional left.

I’ve watched Angela time and again overcome adversity with a giant smile on her face. Is she upset about the state of our nation and freedom around the world? Absolutely. I couldn’t and wouldn’t admire anyone who isn’t. But in the face of so many attacks and so much turmoil that leave so many so hopeless and so jaded — Angela is the happiest of warriors, always ready to put it all aside and just be a friend to any patriot she can lift up be it quietly behind the scenes where some need it or publicly where others want it. She has inspired and lifted me up certainly on more occasions than she knows, and on more than I can personally count.

It’s unacceptable that the bigoted, institutional left – which celebrates self-segregation and works to make conservative American patriotism something that must exist in the closet, if at all – has yet again targeted an American citizen and patriot who effectively said this: It’s not okay that Muslim extremists engage in genital mutilation and rape of young girls, nor that they burn Christians alive. If you’re a Muslim and you’re more worried about people drawing cartoons of Mohammad than you are the terror your extremists inflict on your brothers and sisters in Islam and the world at large…then I don’t respect you.

That’s my own summary having fought on the same front lines as Angela many times, and after her experience I wouldn’t blame her one bit if her views have changed. Consider this: Not all priests are bad people, but no one faults a man who thinks they are if he was raped by one as a little boy.

Entirely devoid of the fear so many of us, myself included, live with every day as it relates to the institutional left’s retaliation against our patriotism…Angela has lived her politically active life entirely under her actual identity. She’s endured many, many personal attacks and threats stemming from “social justice warriors” who seek to destroy any diversity of thought they encounter. This most recent attack took from Angela the profession she earned and worked so hard for and at.

After taking about 15 minutes to catch myself up via Angela’s Facebook page along with a “We Stand With Angela Box” page…I was temporarily paralyzed with a debilitating combination of ferocity and sadness.

But then something interesting but not uncommon happened; I stopped looking in the past and took a closer look at what Angela is up to these days. And do you know what Angela is up to these days? Angela today continues to fight the fight she knows in her heart and mind is both morally right and just, for liberty that perpetuates freedom without caring about one’s identity. And she does it with a smile, and she does it with fire in her belly — and as my wife pointed out, she does it with fantastic shoes.

I’ll assert many ideas that I call “uncharted and landscape-shifting” to help advance the cause that is liberty. And I’ll beg and plead for our more amplified voices to hear me. But there is nothing I want more right now than for all of those who I’ve hoped would hear me…to look instead at Angela Box, and stand with her as she sacrifices so much at the hands of the hateful, bigoted, anti-American left.

Thank you Angela Box for your courage, for your patriotism, for your faith, for your friendship and for your example.

Con Am Patriot

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