GOP Dismiss Biden At Their Own Peril

Linked across Drudge’s front page today is a piece from The Hill citing Rupert Murdoch’s prediction that Joe Biden will be the Democrats’ nominee in 2016.

Way back in February 2014, I made this exact same prediction via the NAAPC Twitter page.


Of course no one predicted the extraordinary loss Vice President Biden suffered in the passing of his son, which I contend today is the only real X factor in his decision to run or not. (I can’t imagine the pain of being a parent and losing a child, let alone a grown child who himself was “Dad” to the grandkids Biden no doubt adores.)

If he does decide to run however, I maintain that it will be with tremendous support from President Obama and yet more fawning from the institutional left (mainstream media, Hollywood and academia) who will legitimize the gaffe-prone Biden in ways most of us on the right can’t imagine possible.

To any conservative who thinks the idea of a Joe Biden Presidential run is something to laugh at, I implore you to reconsider — lest your laughter give way to hand-wringing and eventually concession of the Presidency.

Today the thoughts captured in the above image containing tweets from February 2014 merit some elaboration, so here goes…

Barack Obama never wanted to be President of the United States. Barack Obama wants to be President of the world, and he saw being POTUS as a stepping stone to that. When his tenure is over, the relatively young and increasingly jaded Obama will not be content to relegate himself to the sidelines as a part-time activist. If he can advance someone to the White House who will not only support his legacy but give him a seat at the table to exacerbate that legacy, anyone who’s paid attention to his political career must know that that’s exactly what he’ll do.

What’s more, Obama has spent his Presidency not only working to fundamentally transform America, but also using the resources of the Presidency to build a community organizing database that no one in the world ever has or ever will likely be able to compete with. That doesn’t mean he and his minions can’t be beat, it just means that for all the “He’s just a community organizer!” talk we on the right lobbed his way…he’s put that to great use and capitalized on it while serving as President.

The ground game, leverage, pressure, organization and Alinsky-like tactics that will be enforced by the Obama machine in the grassroots will carry on with even more heft in 2016 than it did in 2008 or 2012.

There’s only one condition…

…it must be done with Barack Obama’s blessing.

Who in their right mind thinks Obama would hand his analytics-enabled, weaponized database of grassroots activism and support over to Hillary Clinton? Hillary Clinton is not “Hillary” to Obama anymore than she is to we on the right. Hillary Clinton is “Clinton,” and Clinton is as it’s always been: Constantly starved for it’s own unmitigated and unimpeded power.

Biden, on the other hand….good ole affable Joe…is “Just Joe.” While Hillary might negotiate for Obama’s OFA operation and endorsement, Biden would grovel for both sheepishly and humbly accepting what he may privately assert to Obama that he’s not worthy of. Obama can control Biden and use him to advance his ongoing aspirations that exist on a global scale with the USA being central only as a means from which to redistribute wealth for alleged “social justice.”

Barack Obama doesn’t care about racism, or bigotry or division. These are merely tools he’s able to use in fighting the fight he’s most passionate about: The hopeless and perpetual poor versus the evil and unworthy rich. (Someday I’ll write a post on Wealth Redistribution vs Wealth Replication, a theme I’ve thought on for some months now with respect to the left’s contention that wealth is finite. Making notes as I go to remind myself!)

Obama will have spent 8 years as POTUS demanding that the evil rich must provide through government compulsion to the helpless poor in the USA.

By February 2017, he’ll be gearing up to spend the rest of his life arguing that the evil USA must provide through global government compulsion to the helpless poor nations across the world.

Does Biden share, care about or even comprehend Obama’s well-intended but wildly wrong, psychosis-enabled beliefs?


But Biden is very weak, and becoming President won’t change that — particularly if he does so from Barack Obama’s back pocket.

“But he’s such a doofus! How can anyone take him seriously other than Obama’s army who does whatever Obama tells them to?!”

Two points…

1). You’ll recall that Romney won the Independent vote in 2012…and it made exactly no difference. He still lost and relatively badly. So if Obama is effectively on the ballot again by way of a forceful endorsement for the next Democrat nominee…expect a similarly competitive result even if the GOP base actually turns out this time as well.

2). Have we learned nothing about the force and influence of the institutional left as amplified with a uniform voice from coast-to-coast, reaching foremost the recreationally-engaged electorate who don’t even realize they’re being told what to think and who to vote for? They got Barack Obama elected despite a ridiculously checkered and unaccomplished past, they got Elizabeth Warren elected despite her gleefully having stolen benefits reserved for minorities to further her own ambitions…Joe Biden will be a breeze for them, and it will sound a lot like this: “Y’know, we’ve all had fun with Joe over the years but let’s face it: When you really dig deep what you find is a lifelong public servant who has a history of building lasting friendships with his colleagues on both sides, getting things done, and frankly being honest in ways that a lot of people say we need more of. It’s obvious that ‘Biden being Biden’ is not only okay with the American people, but it’s what most of them actually want. Well, except those evil Republicans anyway.”

We need to take him and this seriously, and we need our amplified voices in DC, the GOP race and the media to include both legacy and new media to take it seriously as well. Rather than giggle through what may manifest as our worst nightmare in ultimately seeing Barack Obama hang on to another 8 years in the White House while he assigns himself to liberty-destroying duties the world over — we need to push our amplified media and political voices to go on the attack now, asserting these predictions so that a) we’re not caught flat-footed when they become reality and b) those among the electorate and fair-minded media who are paying attention will have cause to react with some suspicion and a storyline that eclipses the prescribed “Biden is now inevitable!” headline the MSM will no doubt seek to make the giddy, trending, national message.

Am I 100% positive of this? Of course not. But seeing Murdoch’s message today splashed across Drudge’s page, I was inclined to pull out my exact same prediction from almost 20 months ago and provide some additional insight on it.

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