Turkey; The Other Terrorist Meat

Turkey is infamous for, among other things, the Armenian genocide between 1915 and 1917. Unbeknownst to most is that Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity as a nation, which they did around 300 AD.

Turkey has gone to great lengths to deny it’s Holocaust-happy history, effectively exacerbating it’s sin against humanity. It’s one thing to do wrong. But if you do wrong and then lie about it, it’s a whole new level of bad.

This is who, what and where Turkey is as represented by it’s government both historically and immediately.

We in the US view Turkey as an ally. I’m no expert with a strong command of the turmoil that plagues that part of the world, but I will say that if I had to pick between being alone for the rest of my life or befriending an entirely awful person…I’d choose the former every time.

It’s Turkey’s preposterous denial of the Armenian genocide, enacted by an Islamic state on it’s expressly Christian neighbors, that provides the most telling story about who Turkey is as a nation on the world stage today. So when I read about Turkey’s Prime Minister scolding the rest of Europe for a) not unconditionally opening it’s doors to terrorist “refugees” and b) not paying Turkey enough for it’s own kindness – which really isn’t kindness at all if the end game is to be compensated – it merits a quick post citing my most honest thoughts on the nation of Turkey…

I am a citizen of the United States of America.

I’m not Armenian.

I’m not an “Armenian-American.”

I’m an American, who happens to have ancestors who were Armenian.

You, Turkey, may technically be an “ally” to our nation — but I hope with every fiber of my being and without qualification that our next President either abandon you entirely or force you through negotiations to – at a minimum – stop denying your act of genocide on the Armenian people.

Your citizens are likely great people. But your government and it’s leaders leave little to the imagination about who and what they are: Turkey’s government and leaders are like leeches rife with disease, sustaining life only by sucking the blood of others’ who they in turn leave also ravaged by disease. Dealing with Turkey has meant an onslaught of embarrassments and concession of values for the United States. And all we have to show for it is the ability to claim “friendship” with yet another nation run by Islamic extremists who have a history they cheerfully deny of imposing outright genocide on those who dare not worship their God.

Of course the United Nations – the great beacon of idiocy the world over – is ultimately responsible for Turkey’s “credibility” on the world stage, having applied lipstick to the pig that is Turkey in 1945. And what earned Turkey this dignity? Holding out to the highest bidder until a few months before World War II was actually over, at which point they declared their allegiance to the allied forces.

Turkey’s history is fraught with ugliness, and it’s people today still suffer under leadership that at best can be described as lazy and deceitful. The allegiance of Turkey’s leadership has always been implicitly if not explicitly to Islamic extremists…while their mask of Taqiyya (the term describing Muslims’ permission to lie about their faith or intentions if it ultimately advances Islam) remains firmly applied so that they may collect from those they would gladly see destroyed.


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