Politico: Liberal Bias Made Nuanced

The website Politico has long been a favorite for Washington DC establishment insiders and media. They are considered to be a clique of ‘serious enough’ kids and professionals whose sole mission is to communicate political goings-on without the distraction of rhetorical color or cover.

Over the years however Politico has shown itself consistently to be little more than Huffington Post and/or MSNBC for news consumers who crave liberal bias under the guise of impartiality and with the affect of nuance. 

Owned by nepotism-enriched Robert Allbritton, Politico’s defenders will sometimes note: “It’s owned by a Republican! It can’t be biased for liberals!”

Let’s be very clear: Being a Republican by no means makes one infallible. Robert Allbritton is the worst kind of Republican who gives the rest of us a bad name. He identifies among the GOP exclusively because they support a tax structure that will better line his pockets. If you ask Allbritton to define liberty or source American exceptionalism — you’ll undoubtedly get a blank stare in return.

Each and every day Politico pumps out piece after piece that – consistent with the rest of the biased media – does everything it can to make conservatives look bad and liberals look great. And in a world where “clicks” amount to revenue, I pleaded with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey not to link to Politico. Ed’s response? He blocked me on Twitter. Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy operation has recently caught on and begun monitoring Politico more closely for their bias, and of course the team at NewsBusters has always kept an eye on them — but still too few among our conservative allies are willing to relegate Politico to its proper place in the bowels of digital media.

Recently Hugh Hewitt, who I’ve long admired as a great conservative voice and mind housed in a surprisingly firm intellectual structure on the left coast, ran to Politico when he wanted to offer a defense of his interview with Donald Trump that would extend beyond his existing audience.

Rich Lowry frequently pens pieces for Politico, earning them yet more clicks.

“Wait.” you may say…”If Hewitt and Lowry are writing there, isn’t that proof that their content is balanced?!”

Politico will throw scraps to conservatives, not unlike Ron Fournier does frequently in his attempt to get the political street credibility that Jake Tapper has managed to muster without merit over the years, and Sharyl Attkisson has earned.

But you need not pull any intellectual muscles to notice that when there’s good news for Republicans and/or conservatives, Team Politico’s write-up on it will be entirely sterile to the point that it reads like an index rather than an article. When there’s bad news for Republicans and/or conservatives or good news for liberals, Team Politico then assigns multiple correspondents to craft thousands of colorful words that – rather than simply conveying a news item – leave most conservatives reeling and most liberals cheering.

And for every one Rich Lowry piece there are dozens of expressly leftist pieces, many of which are placed in Politico’s newly-released digital “Magazine”…which is a place for opinion and commentary because, of course, that’s supposedly not what Politico’s flagship site is at all.

I’ve battled many times with Politico’s intellectual lightweights, most of whom are as enriched by nepotism and inbreeding as is Politico’s owner Allbritton. These are cheering little liberals assigned great credibility by the DC establishment and it’s my hope that the increasingly vocal and visible conservative movement will do its part to stop perpetuating the false narrative that Politico is somehow above-the-fray when it comes to media bias.

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