Conservatives: We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

The Democrats fight us.

The media attack and lie about us.

But neither are responsible for our losing the national conversation at almost every level, on every issue, at every turn.

The reason we lose the national conversation is because despite having all the right ingredients to make the better case, our most amplified voices – from politicians, to media, to non-profit organizations – assert little-to-nothing in terms of substantive, compelling, relatable talking and thinking points to advance our cause.

Right before our eyes, the left commit in broad daylight every heinous act they accuse us of…

  • Racism? Only one party has built entire platforms on their contentions that black Americans somehow uniquely lack the capacity to get and/or keep an ID, and that Hispanic and Latino peoples somehow uniquely lack the capacity to obey US immigration laws. Only one party says that it’s “RACIST!” to suggest character is greater than color, while simultaneously telling us that only hyper focus on skin color will create equality and unity.
  • Sexism? Only one party says that in order to be equal, women – unlike men – must not be held accountable for the millions and millions of choices they freely make.
  • Science denial? Climate change is infinitely ubiquitous, but only one party says they know how to end it if only we’d grant the US government and United Nations total control over the world’s energy industry and supply.
  • Greed? Only one party says that until they’re able to confiscate more money from other people, you’re perfectly justified in seeing your life as utterly hopeless.

In case after case, the left have gotten away with branding conservatives as evil, stupid and/or both…while, however well-intended, aggressively exhibiting those very behaviors in plain sight to little pushback, if any, from our side.

With your help, this blog will work whenever possible to correct that course. But it needs to be noted that those who are currently working so hard on our behalf are failing badly. And what I’ve come to learn having worked for many years to get to know some of these amplified voices, is that for every politician who is more worried about keeping his/her job than actually doing it well — is an entire team of “strategists and advisers” who are equally apathetic and afraid. For every media medium be it Fox News or a “new media” website, and every non-profit outfit — is a tightly-guarded clique of insiders who are more committed to helping themselves and elevating each other than they are our movement.

Most come to do good, but stay to do well…and in the end, ultimately, do very little.

Our most amplified voices are great at preaching to the choir, but lovers of liberty have so much more than that to offer. There’s an enormous cross-section of the Democrat base that are highly recruitable despite their recreational engagement if only our most amplified voices had the intellectual courage and curiosity to go beyond the recycled talking and thinking points that have failed us for decades. Even when we win electorally, be it the midterms or even general elections to include the Presidency, we still lose nationally because the institutional left are so much more artful and effective in their messaging.

Make no mistake, ours is no small task. The left’s message is packaged, almost every time, in the reality that “Giving is good.” Who can argue with that? (Edit, 9/17/15: Obviously we conservatives and other lovers of liberty can argue with that, and I started down that path with a post you can read by clicking here.) When they say “You hate Obamacare because you don’t want poor people to have insurance!”, many of us fume or flinch but ultimately recoil and fail to launch an affirmative response. Some might throw some data out, but “studies” are so bastardized today — you’ll rarely if ever find one that actually changes someone’s mind, no matter how much integrity went in to the research. Our challenge is to effectively assert that “Giving is good, but liberty is better.” And we need to do it in ways that translate among our primarily recreationally-engaged electorate. We need to begin winning culturally if we’re to make any real strides legislatively or, more importantly, as a nation united full of individual contributors meeting their potential as afforded through individual liberty.

This blog will work toward that end, with an eye expressly on the Democrat and institutional left’s…

  • Bigotry
  • Sexism
  • Science denial
  • Greed
  • Moral imposition
  • Penchant for segregation
  • Destruction of liberty
  • Exacerbation of disparity

These unsavory characteristics are sitting in plain sight for everyone else to see, if only our most amplified voices were willing or (more likely) equipped to point them out.

But since they haven’t yet and there’s no sign that they will any time soon, I’m going to do my best to do just that. And I want and need your help. Leave your comments and tell me your thoughts. In a nation of 320,000,000+ it’s not only possible that conservative’s best messages are yet undiscovered amid our nation’s many untapped minds…but it’s probable.

We have the ingredients, we just need much better cooks in the kitchen who are willing to try some new recipes with those ingredients. Or, alternatively, we can keep churning out dishes that no one but us find appetizing.


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